Wine List

Fine & Delicate Wines

Congratulations Café Boa: The Wine Spectator has awarded Caffe Boa with its prestigious Award of Excellence for several years running.  This is solid recognition of the complete and well rounded wine list that Jay has assembled.

Don’t forget to call ahead or email Jay at to get suggestions or have your favorite bottle decanted for optimal drinking pleasure.

Caffe Boa currently has a temperature controlled 2500 bottle wine cellar that was professionally installed with proper racking and humidity in 2006.  We have the capacity to represent every major growing region of the world and more.

Husband and wife team Jay and Christine Wisniewski, proprietors, are also the wine buyers and directors of the wine program.  Jay has received his professional certification for wine specialist from society of wine educators in Feb 2007.

We are proud to serve our reserve wine at proper cellar temperature in the finest Reidel stemware, the Sommelier series.  The restaurant features a wine cart and proper decanting techniques including the use of the wine cradles and candles as a light source.

Click here to view our wine list in Adobe PDF Format